Organically boost fertilizers and improve plant growth, roots, foliage, bloom and yield; naturally – Nature's Way!

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A Better Way, Nature's Way

Trident Products & Services developed Growtastic to achieve "a better way to grow plants with reduced pollution from fertilizers and pesticides."

Growtastic’s Probiotics for Plants, a mixture of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria,

  • stimulates root and plant growth,
  • increases fertilizer effectiveness and
  • helps defend plants from disease.

Probiotic definition: Live microorganism that, when applied in the correct numbers, confers a benefit on the host.

Growtastic’s Probiotics help grow plants better – plants get bigger, faster and routinely have more blooms, bigger foliage and higher yields.

To develop Growtastic, we examined Nature to see how she does it. We began without a preconceived solution. Where man has not upset the balance and Nature is in abundance -- plants thrive. No one fertilizes or injects pesticides.

We set out to find the keys to how Nature accomplishes this. We knew the secret had to lie in the soil. Plants don’t have stomachs to digest their food nor do they have the ability to move to acquire them. Nature has to deliver a steady stream of nutrients for plants to thrive. Rain won’t do it alone; most minerals required by plants are not water soluble. We began looking in the rhizosphere (the root zone).

We found many mycorrhizae and bacteria with unique and beneficial relationships with plants. We found that some mycorrhizae provided benefits to some plants but were not universal in their effectiveness with all green leafed plants. Additionally, though one can see mycorrhizae with the naked eye, at the microscopic level, we found that bacteria were present and making major contributions. We concentrated on bacteria. These bacteria are members of a group now referred to as Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria and are beneficial to all green leafed plants.

We examined thousands of organisms and identified a number with phenomenal impacts on the growth of plants, roots, foliage, bloom and yield. These organisms have been proven in every phase of growth on the farm, in the nursery and at the home. They are great for propagation, regular nutrient programs, growing of flowers, shrubs, trees, fruits, and vegetables. We have one blend for ALL GREEN LEAFED plants and another specially blended for sods and grasses.

A major problem with soluble fertilizers is that one depends upon chance for the nutrients to be taken up by plants. To increase the odds, routinely 300 to 400% of the plant’s needs are in the recommended application rates. The excess becomes pollution. In nature, many of the nutrients a plant requires are not water soluble but in order to make them available to plants, man makes them soluble and therefore easily lost to ground or surface waters -- direct route to increased pollution.

Our Probiotics take up nutrients, sometimes using acids to dissolve them, move through the soil and delivers them to the root in a predigested form, ready for use. They take up nutrients that are already there in nature and also those that are man applied. They function as vector delivery agents so nutrients reach the plant. This concept assures that less is wasted and also that less need be applied. The plant thrives with less pollution. Nutrients taken up by the organisms are not available to be leached into the ground and surface waters.

With pesticides, only 5% ever reach the pathogen for which applied. The rest becomes pollution. With organisms that naturally defeat a pathogen, only the disease is targeted. Additionally, pathogens develop strains that sometimes become resistant to manmade chemicals while such resistance is rarely detected against natural defenses. Even more telling is that when good organisms populate a root system, and thrive in large colonies, pathogens have difficulty becoming established because of competition for space and resources.

Some producers use a shotgun approach whereby large numbers of organisms, some spores and some vegetative (living organisms), are used in their mixtures. Many of these organisms we rejected for one reason or another. One example is the bacillus thuringiensis, or Bt which has a role in making some nutrients available to plants; however, it is the same Bt from which a gene was spliced into Bt corn to provide an insecticidal property to defeat the corn borer worm. We opted not to include any organism that we knew had an insecticidal property. We believe that in addition to beneficial bacteria being helpful to plants, so are many beneficial insects such as lady bugs. We chose not to risk such an interference with nature.

Our Probiotics use PGPR that enhance nutrient delivery and uptake and improve plant growth, roots, bloom, foliage and yield. Bacteria are both spore forming and non-spore forming. Spores are like seeds waiting to germinate or in the case of bacteria – vegetate. We found that with non-spore forming organisms we could not be sure that they were not degraded during storage and transport and had little predictability that we could get the correct numbers to the plants. We therefore limited our selection to spore forming organisms to provide almost indefinite shelf life and to assure that the correct mix is delivered to the plant. Once in the ground, they love the same conditions as plants and begin to multiply and thrive as the plant begins to grow.

Additionally, nature provides some organisms opportunistically that assist plants both directly and indirectly. We opted not to provide those organisms but to concentrate on those not routinely found in Man’s growing environment but most critical to root growth and delivery of critical nutrients for which plants exhibit significant needs.

We designed our packaging for ease of use and handling. There are self measuring containers for in-home use for watering by hand, self dispensing hose-end applicators for the yard, and easy to use half gallons with which to refill our quart dispenser or your own dispenser. Five gallon pails are available for those with larger gardens or yards or who want the savings of the larger quantity.

Use Growtastic with assurance – it is guaranteed.

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Growtastic adds beneficial bacteria to the soil enhancing fertilizer delivery and uptake and improving plant growth, roots, bloom, foliage and yield.
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